About Ziata Guitars™
Ziata Guitars™ was founded in 1999 by George Ziatas, Luthier. George Ziatas, has been making lattice-braced classical guitars since the year 2000 and exporting them to musicians around the world. Ziata Guitars™ is now exclusively focused on manufacturing electric guitars & pickups.

George Ziatas, Luthier, is the creator of the new high definition sound Contraster™ guitar. The Contraster™ is an original sounding electric guitar that has an amazing high-definition tone that is crisp, clean, sustained & with no muffled or nasally tones.
Contraster™ Details• The creation of the Contraster™ name was inspired by the unique high 'contrast' sound & tonal quality the guitar generates.

• The Contraster™ is tonal & responsive to the touch, the strings feel alive! Use old strings & you will think they are a new set.

• Clear well defined dynamic sound at low or high volumes.

• Individual notes within a chord are well defined & clean even when using high gain distortion.
Contraster™ Features• Unique electronics & pickups that produce a unique high-definition sound.

• New high-definition technology that provides unlimited possibilities to generate clarity of sound.

• A double cutaway body with original design headstock. Designed using CAD & manufactured by CNC.

• Passive pickups (No batteries).

Pre-order the new Contraster™

*Release rescheduled for the second half of 2023, due to delays & further prototyping. The Contraster™ guitars are currently available for pre-ordering.

We are at the final stages of product development & will contact all who are on our mailing & pre-order list before we release. Be first to own a new Contraster™, with a limited quantity available in the first production run.