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The ZIATA GUITARS™ name and logo, Z stylised logo, Contraster™ name and logo are registered trade marks of the ZIATA GUITARS company. Ziata Guitars™ and Contraster™ logos have been designed by George Ziatas. All images and text, and all other content represented on this website are copyrighted and are the sole property of (if not indicated explicitly otherwise) Ziata Guitars and are protected by copyright, intellectual property and all other applicable laws of Australia and other countries worldwide.

The term 'HD' or High definition is used to describe the Ziata pickups™ sound and does not refer to or is not meant to describe any similarities with any other product on the market with the same or similar description.

Gotoh is a registered Trade Mark of Gotoh Gut Company.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee 30 day money back guarantee for all Ziata Guitars™ pickups sold separately. This guarantee is under the condition that pickups are returned in new condition and that you give us your feedback or reason for return. We value customer feedback which to us is the most important aspect in helping us provide customers with the highest quality products.


This section is still under construction, more details about warranty will be uploaded soon.

Promotional Offers*

Promotional offers will apply for some pre-ordered guitars and pickups. More details will be announced prior to the release date of applicable products.